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9.7 inch USB Monitor

The Lilliput UM-900 is a 9.7 inch 4:3 touch screen monitor with USB and HDMI input. Tested for optimal performance with Apple products. Note: UM-900(without touch function)            UM-900/T(with touch function)

Natively high resolution 9.7" monitor

Natively 1024×768 pixels, UM-900 provides a crystal-clear picture. With USB display technology, every pixel perfectly fits on the display.

600:1 contrast

Thanks to advanced IPS display technology, colours look their best on UM-900. With a 600:1 contrast ratio, your video content looks at its best.

178° viewing angles

A further benefit of IPS displays is wider viewing angles. UM-900 features the widest viewing angle of all Lilliput USB monitors. Wider viewing angles are particularly useful in point-of-sale applications and digital signage because your content maintains its clarity at all angles.

Clean borders

Many customers request a monitor with clean borders and no front-facing buttons. UM-900 has the cleanest face of any Lilliput monitor, which allows viewers to focus purely on the content.

VESA 75 mounting

UM-900 has been designed with AV integrators and digital signage applications in mind. The industry standard VESA 75 mount opens up a world of possibilities, but the included desktop stand also allows the UM-900 to be used as a regular desktop companion.

USB video input

USB video has helped thousands of Lilliput customers around the world: it is convenient and easy to set up. UM-900 uses a mini-USB video input, and features one additional regular USB port that acts as a hub.